110V 6KW Mobile Steam Car Washer With one Steam Gun (not include vacuum cleaner)


1).Steam cleaning machine is a device that can generate enough pressure and gas to clean the car.
2.)Steam cleaning for flexible cleaning, using the principle of steam thermal degradation, using soft steam to combine, soften, expand, and separate the dirt attached to the surface of the car, and then use a clean rag to remove the remaining dirt and a little water stain; steam cleaning helps The protection of the paint surface, the cleaning of the gap, and the lack of water content does not damage the circuit, and can effectively clean the parts of the automobile engine, the instrument panel, the air conditioner port, etc., while being wiped with steam, the process can smoothly clean the car. The operation is simpler and faster.

1) This machine is not including the vacuum cleaner, you need to buy one on your own.
2) This item ships from China, it will take around 60 days to arrive.


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What advantages of steam car wash Mahine? 
*Convenient to move, can be door to door cleaning service.
*Water saving, environmental protection and cost saving.
*High temperature sterilization, can clean the engine, interior, air conditioning.
*There is no water, it is washed and dried, no need to wait.
*Effectively reduce the aging of parts.
*The pressure is high and clean dirty more easy.

Feature: steam car wash machine pipe drain cleaning
1)Separation of water and electric,adjustable wet/dry.
2)Non-boiler for safe use. Our machine is without boiler,free from explosion.
3)Quick start. Only 60s for cold start,quick start at standby state.
4)Small size, light weight and easy to carry.
5)With water shortage protection, leakage protection, over temperature and pressure protection.

***PLC + Touch Screen
The machine use PLC + Touch screen,all the information show on the screen,use more intelligent.
The machine with auto-descaling function,add descaling agent into water tank, choose “auto-decaling”it will do decaling automatically.

What's Function Does The VTD6A-N Steam Cleaning Machine Have ? steam car wash machine pipe drain cleaning

1. Steam
steam can be used to clean the outside of the car, the inside of the car, the car engine, the air conditioner, the cleaning of the kitchen, the hood, the sofa carpet, etc.
2. Cold Water
When the outer body of the car is dirty or there is a lot of mud, you can use high-pressure cold water to soften the mud in advance, and then use steam to clean it, so that the cleaning will be faster and more convenient.
3. Hot Water
When it freezes in winter, there is mud on the car body. You can use high-pressure hot water to soften the mud in advance, and then use steam to clean it, so that the cleaning will be faster and more convenient.
The various functions of the machine can meet the cleaning work in different environments.

How to use the Steam Cleaning Machine Cleaning Carpet?
The machine is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, which can be used to clean the carpet by connecting the vacuum cleaner to the carpet handle.

Steam has the function of high temperature sterilization
The high temperature of the steam can quickly dissolve stains and oil stains, kill bacteria while dissolving stains, and play a disinfection role, which cannot be achieved by general cleaning machines.

 Application:steam car wash machine pipe drain cleaning
Car wash shop, underground car wash business, parking lot (in supermarket, living department, industry zoom, park, etc.)

Please watch the video to learn more: https://youtu.be/NCThoqBWeCw

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs

stainless steel

Item weight

25 KG

Item dimension

40x50x40cm / 15.75×19.69×15.75 Inches


110V, 50/60 HZ, single phase power





Water tank


Steam temperature


Steam Production Time

60 seconds

Steam gun

1, no boiler


Steam Vacuum Nozzle
10M steam Pipe
Steam bending barrel
Long steam barrel
Steam gun
Carpet steam gun
long steam barrel


1 Year




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