Choice 3.5 oz. Translucent Thin Wall Plastic Cold Cup – 2500/Case


Serve small refreshments or offer tasting samples with this Choice 3.5 oz. translucent thin wall plastic cold cup!


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A rolled rim at the top of each cup provides rigidity to the cup, while ensuring comfortable sipping. It's smooth to the touch, yet firm enough to prevent collapse.  Ribbed sidewalls enhance the cup's sturdiness, eliminating the threat of breakage. You'll feel confident using this cup to serve virtually anything, from dense slushies to light beers, thanks to the durable design and strong sidewalls.  An easy-to-hold tapered shape gives your customers the confidence they need when carrying this cup. The intuitive shape makes it easy to hold from side or bottom.  Made of break-resistant polypropylene plastic, this cup makes an economical, yet durable, option for everyday service.


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