Comet 02291 Cleaner with Bleach Ready-to-Use with Spray Bottle 1 Gallon – 3/Case


Bleach tough stains and eliminate grease with the Comet 02291 cleaner with bleach ready-to-use and spray bottle. With a wide range of cleaning applications, this 2-in-1 cleaning solution offers both heavy-duty detergents along with bleach to maximize cleaning power. Containing no abrasives, this powerful solution has the capacity to cut through tough grease and other soils without scratching delicate surfaces. This solution conveniently comes ready-to-use, which means no need for mixing, saving time and reducing waste. It also comes with a spray bottle for immediate application.


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This solution can tackle a wide variety of restroom cleaning needs, including toilets, urinals, sinks, and mildew build-up. Keep spray bottles near welcome desks so staff can immediately take care of tracked-in dirt and scuff marks from incoming clientele. Its ability to take on grease and stains also makes it wonderful for kitchen areas where it can easily clean hoods and ranges or bleach out food stains from tables, countertops and cutting boards. This Comet ready-to-use cleaner with bleach will assist your team on ensuring a clean and healthy environment for both employees and guests.

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