Febreze Fabric 97590 Downy April Fresh Scent Fabric Refresher / Deodorizer Spray 27 oz. – 4/Case


Eliminate odors trapped in hard-to-wash fabrics with the Febreze Fabric 97590 Downy April fresh scent fabric refresher / deodorizer. More than just a cover-up product, this solution works its way to the source of odors to clean them from the fabric with OdorClear technology. Perfect for front-of-house purposes including refreshing upholstery, furniture, and carpets, it also makes for an excellent finishing touch to work into your establishment’s cleaning routine. Made with Downy April fresh scent, this floral, springy aroma will provide a refreshing welcome to all your guests.


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Spray this deodorizing solution, using a sweeping motion, to lightly mist into fabrics until dampened to initiate the deodorizing process. Afterwards, just let dry as the solution will take care of the rest. This fabric freshener is safe for virtually any fabric, which makes it an essential for cleaning items that you can't easily wash, just avoid fabrics that water spot like silk, suede, and leather. Arriving in a spray bottle, this product is ready for immediate application. This Febreze Fabric spray will provide a refreshing, odor-eliminating addition to your office, hotel, or hospital setting.

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Weight 8.21 lbs







Fresh Scent

Package Size

27 oz.

Chemical Form

Liquid, Spray


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