Febreze Professional 12825 Ready-to-Use Sanitizing Fabric Refresher 1 Qt. / 32 oz. – 6/Case


Eliminate odors trapped in fabrics with the Febreze Professional 12825 ready-to-use sanitizing fabric refresher. More than just a cover-up product, this deep penetrating solution works its way to the source of odors to remove them from the fabric. Powerful enough to take on even tough odors caused by smoke, mildew, and mold, the chemical makeup binds with the molecules responsible for odors and kills 99.9% of the bacteria. It is also capable of preventing the growth of mold on soft surfaces. Refresh your fabrics to smelling clean and new, since the only odor left behind will be the fresh, light scent.


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Spray this cleaning solution into fabrics until fully wet to initiate the cleaning process. Afterwards, keeping the surface wet for at least five minutes, just let dry as the cleaning solution will take care of the rest. This fabric freshener is safe for virtually any fabric, which makes it an essential for cleaning items that you can't just wash, like carpets, drapes, couches, and other upholstery. Arriving in a spray bottle, this product is ready for immediate application, no mixing needed. Perfect for hotels, restaurants, and schools, this Febreze Professional refresher will preserve your fabrics scent to maintain a clean, welcoming environment.

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Weight 15 lbs







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Chemical Form


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32 oz.


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