Four Column Laundry Soap Vending Machine


Easily stock and vend soap, bleach, or fabric softeners at your Laundromat, hotel, or apartment complex four column laundry soap vending machine! This coin-operated vending machine features an adjustable Greenwald payment system to better meet your business’s needs. Each column can hold a different laundry item for greater variety, or you can double up on your most popular selections for the best profits. This machine comes with four coin slides pre-set to $0.75. A conversion kit (sold separately) allows the cost per item to be changed to $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, or $1.25.


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This Laundromat vending machine includes a durable exterior with a large plexi-glass display section that clearly shows each column's contents. High-security locks ensure the door stays closed at all times to prevent tampering and theft, while the internal cash box is also locked for added profit protection. Package weights seal off the vend cycle of a column when it is empty to prevent user abuse, and for maximum storage potential, each column holds up to 23 stacked packages.

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Weight 98 lbs



Vending Machines


21 1/4 Inches


9 1/2 Inches


37 3/4 Inches


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