31″x63″ Microfiber Beach Towels


Premium Microfiber: Microfiber beach towel double-sided fleece material, free from harmful additives, super soft and durable, can be used for many years.

Sand Free, Quick Dry, Super Absorbent: It is not the same as cotton, but it’s smoother and thinner than cotton. Our microfiber towel that has smooth texture is super soft, easy to shake off the sand and easy to clean. It absorbs water very quickly, only takes a little time to dry, so no more soggy wet towel to put back into your bag.

Large size : 31″x 63″ – easily cover you and your companion, letting you relax on a beach chair and sunbathe, enjoy the scenery of the sea. Soft to the touch and let your skin contact with it at ease. Enjoy leisurely time!

Easy to Carry: This soft microfiber towels can be folded into small pieces, which are very light, occupy a little space, no need to worry about your bag weighing too much when you travel with your microfiber towels. Suitable for use when exercising, swimming, camping, hiking, practicing yoga or pilates, etc.


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Weight 0.6 lbs





Absorbent, Quick drying, Portable


63 Inches


31 Inches


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