Advantage Chemicals 1 Gallon Degreaser – 4/Case


This versatile cleaner can be applied to surfaces with spray, mop, sponge, or steam cleaners in order to reach any area of your business. This formula cuts through dirt fast, penetrating encrusted grease and grime to get your establishment sparkling clean.


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Thorough Cleaning
Safe for use on stainless steel and aluminum surfaces, Advantage Chemicals degreaser removes grease and food from stoves, grills, refrigerators, fryers, and just about any other piece of food service equipment. It can be diluted with water to varying degrees depending on the severity of the soil you're trying to remove.

Tough Formula
Make cleaning up the worst of messes a breeze! This chemical can tackle a wide range of messes from simple food soils to tough grease. Make sure your messy kitchen has the best cleaning chemical on hand at all times!

Easy-to-follow Instructions
Follow the instructions listed on the bottle for various levels of dilution for different types of cleaning, to achieve best results. This detergent is touch on food soils and grease, making clean up a breeze in a messy kitchen!

Advantage Chemicals
Advantage Chemical brings you the cleaning and sanitation chemicals you need for a value that can't be beat. With a line of high-quality glass cleaner, degreaser, hand soap, oven and grill cleaner, cleaning solutions for dish washing machines, and plenty of other fine products, Advantage delivers the best in superior cleaning power for any commercial application.

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Weight 36.67 lbs






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1 gal.

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