Noble Chemical Pan Pro II 1 gallon / 128 oz. Pot & Pan Detergent with Lanolin- 4/Case


Noble Chemical Pan Pro II pot and pan detergent is the perfect choice for restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, and other high-volume settings. This solution is for manual use and makes long-lasting suds that cut through grease, food residue, and fats for sustained cleaning power over time. Despite this powerful formula, Pan Pro II is easy on your hands and dishes, to keep your dinnerware looking great and your staff members comfortable. Plus, it has a fresh scent that is pleasant to work with and is completely biodegradable.


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Easy-to-Follow Instructions
To use this Pan Pro II pot and pan soap, simply follow the instructions printed on the label. First, fill your sink with the recommended dilution of Pan Pro II by pouring the detergent in the sink and then allowing water to flow on it. For optimal results, first scrape and remove as much solid food and waste as possible from your pot or pan. Then wash it in the diluted mixture, and rinse thoroughly in clear, hot water. You can also hook the detergent up to a suds-control dispenser for easy handling.
Added Lanolin
This soap has lanolin added to prevent dry skin from occurring from long term exposure to soapy water. Lanolin is a naturally occurring oil that creates a barrier on the top of the skin that prevents moisture from escaping the hands and drying out.
Before Use
Formulated for restaurant, industrial, and institutional use, this pot and pan soap is perfect for high-volume establishments.
After Use
This Noble Chemical Pan Pro II pot and pan soap will quickly cut through grease, dirt, and grime, but will not harm your hands or cookware.
Noble Chemical Brand
Noble Chemical brand supplies are a smart addition to any restaurant, hotel, or healthcare facility, and this tough detergent will help to keep your pots and pans spotless and ready for use. Be sure to check out our quantity discounts for even better wholesale savings!

Additional information

Weight 37.3 lbs



Detergents & Dish Soaps


Green / Environmentally-Friendly Kosher

Package Size

1 gal.

Chemical Type

Dish Washing & Sanitizing Chemicals




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