SC Johnson Shout® 686661 Instant Stain Remover Wipes – 80/Case


Remove stains on-the-go with these SC Johnson Shout® 686661 instant stain remover wipes. Packed in individual packets, these wipes are great for portable use. Provide them to guests at your restaurant or hotel so they can get pesky stains out of their clothes as soon as it happens. Or, the janitorial staff can use these wipes to get new carpet stains out to keep your business looking clean and fresh! It is safe to use in all water temperatures and with all colorfast washables.


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Disposable for your convenience, these wipes can be thrown away after use for instant clean up. The wipes are designed to absorb stains and lift the unwanted spill or spots from your clothes or carpet. Also, these can be used to get out stains on the interior of a car. These Shout® instant stain remover wipes are great for every stain situation.

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