Urnex 12-RAF6-32 1 Liter Rinza Acid Formulation Milk Frother Cleaner


Keep your milk frothing and dairy equipment clean and ready to use with this Urnex 12-RAF6-32 Rinza 32 oz. acid formulation milk frother cleaner! This specialized milk equipment cleaner breaks down mineral and calcium buildup in steam wands and steel pitchers to keep your equipment in good shape for continued use. It can also be cycled through auto-frothers to help staff clean up more quickly at the end of a shift.


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Milk frothing equipment and other dairy equipment is essential to your coffee shop, diner, or cafe hot drink operations, so keeping it in good working order is an important task. With this Rinza acid formulation milk frother cleaner, your staff can more easily perform this job as needed. Plus, the bottle has a built-in measuring device to ensure proper chemical portioning and provides over 30 uses per bottle.

To use this specialized cleaner, first dispense the chemical. To fill the dosing chamber, loosen the cap and squeeze the bottle. Mix a solution of 30 mL of Rinza per 500 mL cold water. For auto-frothers, insert the suction tube into the solution and run the entire solution through the frother. Repeat with clean cold water to rinse all the components. For part or steam wands, soak items in a 30 mL Rinza to 500 mL warm water solution for 15-30 minutes. Then, rinse all the components.

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