36″ Broom and Upright Dustpan


Clean floors are a must in customer service environments, so keep this Upright Dust Pan & Broom around to quickly clean tile, wood and flush carpet surfaces. The dust pan and broom are both made of sturdy plastic and topped with two-piece metal handles with clip ends that fit into each other. The 36” overall height allows you to remain standing while using the dust pan, saving your back from unnecessary strain. Keep your floors looking pristine and spotless with an unbeatable cleaning combo, and save space by hanging the set flat against a wall using the convenient hanging tab toppers.


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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

1 Set


Dustpans with Broom

Pan Width

11 13/16 Inches

Pan Depth

11 Inches

Broom Width

9 Inches

Broom Height

36 Inches


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